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Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster

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The Seat Belt Adjuster is designed for use by women 3 months into their pregnancy until the time the baby is born. It prevents a vehicle's seat belt from riding up over your baby bump. The unique design allows user to easily unstrap and re-strap, so it is more practical for daily use. The Seat Belt Adjuster can be fastened tightly in car seat.


  • Comfortable - The Seat Belt Adjuster makes the belt sit across the thighs, instead of over the belly which causes much discomfort for growing bellies. It allows pregnant drivers to focus on driving, as well as pregnant passengers to ride more comfortably. 
  • Easy to Install - Doesn't take extra time to unstrap and re-strap and is practical for daily use.
  • Free Sized - The Seat Belt Adjuster can be fastened tightly in car seat, it's not movable, and no matter your size, it will fit! 
  • Perfect for Recovery - Anyone who just gone through abdominal surgery, stomach surgery or caesarean section will be able to heal properly without a belt damaging the wound.
  • If you switch seats/cars a lot, (for eg. from driver to passenger, or own 2 cars or more) we recommend buying 2, so you don't have to keep moving the Seat Belt Adjuster.

Available Color: Black